Saturday, June 18, 2011

Which Transformers will appear in transformers 3: NEW DECEPTICONS

Shockwave - The Decepticon scientist and the movies main villain that turns into a Cybertronian Tank. Though Shockwave did not appear in the last movie, he is briefly seen on the front page of a newspaper that is hanging from the pipe in the scene where Devastator is trying to suck up the twins. At some point during 2009, Shockwave was caught on film and the event was written up for a newspaper article. A newspaper page with the headline "Mysterious Robot Spotted" was discarded in Egypt, where it was sucked up by a rampaging Devastator. Shockwave has been imprisoned underneath Chernobyl for years and is now seeking revenge from his captors and enemies. Concept art of Shockwave here.

Driller - A subterranean tentacle-beast lifeform native to Cybertron and some of the single most dangerous creatures on or under the planet's surface. Shockwave keeps one as a pet, and is seen wrapping itself around a building in which Sam is in.

Laserbeak - Soundwave's minion that resembles a Giant Mechanical Condor. Transforms into a Black Computer/Copy machine. He was seen flying in mid-air towards Simmons's limousine during the Superbowl TV spot, presumably going to attack it.

*THE DREADS* - Three Decepticon assasins and infiltrators that transform into Chevrolet Suburban Emergency Vehicles. Two of them were spotted in the trailer crashing into and fighting Ironhide. The mebmbers of the Dreads are:

Crankcase - Leader of the Dreads and the only one who is indicated transform into a Suburban in toyline.

Hatchet - A Dread with an animal-like robot mode. Indicated to transform into a jet in toyline. Screenshot of Hatchet here.

Crowbar - Indicated to transform into a Carbon Motors E7 police car in toyline.

? - A Superfund Armored Truck. It has been reported that this Decepticon will be involved in a bank robbery scene. His name has not been identified yet.

Deep Desert Brawl - A Decepticon whose Design is similar to Brawl from the first movie, the only difference is that his colour scheme is brown. Spotted in the trailer participating in the Chicago battle. It is possible he could be based on Deep Desert Brawl from the toyline. He has the same weapons and armory of Brawl. Seeing how he resembles him, it is possible his alternate mode is a M1 Abrams Battle Tank.

Long Haul - A Decepticon that looks exactly like Long Haul spotted in the trailer participating in the Chicage battle. Seeing as how he looks like Long Haul, his form could be a Green Caterpillar 773B Dump Truck. Artwork of this Decepticon here.

Unknown Sideways Clone - A Decepticon that looks similar to Sideways. Spotted in the trailer participating in the Chicago Battle. He is impaled and presumably killed by Optimus.

Decepticon Protoform Soldiers - Decepticon Clones that have no alternate modes. There facial designs have been changed. Spotted in the Trailer shooting at the Autobots. A number of unknown Protoforms were killed in the Chicago Battle.

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