Saturday, June 18, 2011

Which Transformers will appear in transformers 3: RETURNING AUTOBOTS

Optimus Prime - The Autobot leader that transforms into a Blue Peterbilt 379 Semi truck with red flame decals and now features a Semi-Trailer similar to his G1 roots and will also receive a Jetpack. His weapons include an energy rifle that unveils from his back, two retractable energon blades that extend from both forearms, Ion cannons on both of his arms, as well as two retractable energon hooks on both of his forearms. Optimus has been updated for the third movie, his character is going to look more heroic. It has been rumoured that Prime will combine with his Trailer.

Bumblebee - Sam's guardian who turns into a Fifth Generation Chevrolet Camaro. He can transform his right arm into a plasma cannon and has missile launchers in his shoulders. Bumblebee has also gone through some changes, his alternate mode features new body kit and paint job. He was modified to look more mature. Concept art of Bumblebee here.

Ironhide - The Autobot Trigger-Happy weapons specialist who transforms into a GMC Topkick. Ironhide possesses weapons that include an energy rocket launcher on his left arm, a plasma rocket launcher on his right arm, with a super gatling gun connected around the outside of the right forearm plasma rocket launcher. He has also received a Machine Gun. Concept art of Ironhide here.

Ratchet - The Autobot medic who transforms into a Green/Grey search and rescue Hummer H2. His weapons include a Cybertronian rotary saw that emerges from his left arm and can transform his right and left arm into a medigun. Ratchet also had some modifications done to his alt mode, he has been painted green and grey. He was yellow in the previous two movies.

Sideswipe - The Autobot Combat Instructor who has now upgraded into a Silver Chevrolet Corvette Centennial Convertible. An expert fighter with his swords and tries to get in close with his opponents. He is armed with two retractable Cybertanium arm blades in robot mode, along with a double barreled machine gun on each of his wrists and a gun on his back. Sideswipe was previously a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept in the last movie.

Wheelie - A Blue Radio-Controlled Toy Monster Truck. He originally worked for the Decepticons because he was afraid of them in the last film, but then joined the Autobots.

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